Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Preview of New LOGO Language

Argh. So many half-written updates that I still haven't finished. For the moment, here's a sample of something pretty that I've been working on that just came alive today:

The above is not a mock-up, but a result of running the following chunk of Javascript:

{ en: "First LOGO Program" },
["to","square",["fn", ["length"], 
["repeat",4, ["fn",[],


What you're seeing is:

  • A LISP-like language encoded in JSON
  • LOGO-like expression library which draws SVG content
  • An interpreter (written in Javascript but designed to be portable) which runs the code, generating the coloured squares.
  • An IDE 'editor' which pretty-formats the code for display, intended for use on a touch screen.
  • Everything running in the browser, client-side, in a sandbox.
Why? Long story. "Parametric content" is about the pithiest explanation I can give. (eg: animation!) And perhaps a little pining for the 80's thrown in. These are old ideas. But they were also considered "too far ahead of their time". I think it might be time.

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