Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fire Map Updates - South Australia Feed Interruption

Temperatures have been ticking up again, so I thought I should review the Fire Map. Good thing I did, because South Australia changed their KML namespace from "" to "" which meant all their dots had disappeared from the map. (No bells went off because technically there was still a valid XML document being retrieved - it just seemed to be empty from the old namespace's point of view, something which is often the case in the off-season.)


Sorry about that. Fixed now. I rather wish there was an RSS feed for people who depend on the RSS feeds so we could be informed about changes to the feed before they occur. Just saying.

I also would have liked to fill in the final missing square - the Northern Territory - but they still don't have any kind of public incidents feed. At least the MODIS satellites provide hotspots. Shame; It looks like there's a lot on fire up there at the moment.

And I really need to check in again with Queensland Parks and Wildlife, (well, whoever is left) and try to get at their incidents data again, since they essentially cover half the state. (The half where QFRS don't go.)

Alas I haven't been privy to the long-term forecasts for this year, so I'm not sure whether it's expected to be a wild fire season like last time. Let's hope not, but still make plans for if it does.

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