Saturday, March 22, 2014

Release: Fritzing design files for "LeoDroid"

Here are the "Fritzing" design files for the Arduino Leonardo-based robot that is sitting on my desk. I'll be posting some photos shortly, and explaining some of the design decisions.

Common Features:
  • Atmega32u4 based design
  • 128x160 pixel TFT display
  • Thumbstick
  • Ultrasonic Ranger
  • IR Remote Control Decoder
  • Magnetometer Compass
  • Sound Effects
  • PWM Motor H-Bridge control
  • PWM LED/Laser output

I've added all related files (ritzing designs, exported images, and library parts) to the GitHub repository:

Pro Micro Variant

This is the target hardware I developed for, the 16Mhz 5V variant of SparkFun's Pro Micro.

It might look as though there is one pin free: D14. Nope. Once SPI is switched on, it gets locked as MISO and can't be used for general I/O, even though our SPI Apprentice device doesn't have a data output line. Every single pin is used.

Arduino Leonardo Variant

The genuine Arduino "Leonardo" is completely compatible with the Pro Micro, and even has a few extra pins to play with. (though not as many as you think)

Remember that SDA and SCL are 'aliases' of pins D2 and D3, so we really only have D11, D12, A4 and A5 unused. (Though that is enough for many things!) And on the Leo, the SPI bus is on the ICSP header (only) so make sure you have the right cables.

I'll try to post errata here, but the files on GitHub will always be the 'canonical' ones. Make sure to check those before you start building. :-)

Parts List

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