Friday, June 21, 2013

...requires extraordinary proof.

I talked a lot of big talk in my last post about the powers of WebGL, so here's my first stable proof-of-concept for a lot of things I've been working on:

A friend of mine called it my "JARVIS Interface", and she has a point.

WASD to move Doom-wise. Arrow keys and mouse drag to spin. Scroll wheel to change field-of-view. You'll get the hang of it.

It's pretty indecipherable, but old hands will recognize real-time 2D fourier transforms, velocity (convolution) maps, and some primitive image stacking. The right-hand bunch of panels is a first, failing, attempt to use convolution to seek out the target image (saturn) in the video feed.

That part isn't working. Yet. It's basically a spectacular fail. It's just a snapshot of fail #103, which failed a little less hard than #102, in Iron Man progressive montage style.

In fact, if you don't have the right combination of browser and 3D card drivers to make it all go, it will silently error and break and you'll get some very uninteresting "flatline" displays. Check the console log.

So, there you have it. Real-time 30fps 512x512 2D fast-fourier transforms and convolutions, even though the math is wrong. (i'm normalizing my crosspower wrongly. Working on it now.)

Alas I'll be busy for a few days more, but it was time to update the internet, and see if anyone is interested in where I'm going.

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